Court Services

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office provides law enforcement and security to the Courthouse of Hamilton County. The primary duties of the Court Security include maintaining order in the courtrooms and judge’s chambers, assure the safety of court personnel and the general public.

During criminal jury trials, Court Security is responsible for the jurors during court and recesses. If a jury is sequestered, Court Security remains with the jurors to assure their safety and make sure they are not contacted or otherwise informed of information, outside of the courtroom, involving the case for which they are serving as a juror.

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Court Security is supervised by Sgt. Ken Blanton. Bailiffs are regularly assigned to busy courtroom dates involving Felony Criminal, Court Misdemeanor, and Juvenile Delinquency Court.

For more information contact Sgt. Ken Blanton at 386-792-3156.

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