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On December 26, 1827 Hamilton County was created the 15th County, along with Madison County, from Jefferson County.  Jefferson County had been created less than a year before from Leon County. Early records of Hamilton County indicated that the following people have held the Office of Sheriff.  (These records are incomplete because Book A of the County Commissioners Records cannot be found at the Courthouse at this time.) Shadrick Sutton 1828 and 1831 John G. Smith 1842-1845 Milton J. Bryan 1845-1846 Josiah Baisden 1846-1847 P. F. Lamar  1847-1848 John G. Smith 1848-1849 Wm. J. J. Duncan 1849-1854 (Deputies Charnick Selph and Robert Ivey) James N. Hendry 1854-1858 (Deputy Levi Starling) Larkin B. McTyier 1858-1859 (Deputy George Cooper) Alexander Bell 1864-1869 Duval Selph 1864-1869 Thos N. Bell 1871 M. L. Duncan 1871 B. F. Collier1873 (Deputy S. L. Taulor) J. H. Lee 1874-1878 Sam Altman 1878 C. C. Parker 1879-1880 James M. Duncan 1881 Sam Altman, Jr.  J. R. Session S. M. Hankins 1882 Sampson Tavell 1882-1889 Stephen S. Sharpe 1890 A. M. Knowles 1892 Thomas Polhill 1892 Thomas Johns 1889-1912 Frank Hancock 1913-1929 W. Rufe Hunter J. H. "Doc" Hunter 1929-1937 Frank Hancock 1937-1941 Eddie McGhin 1941-1949 Brock Allen 1949-1953 George Royals 1953-1957 Charlie Rhoden 1957-1989 J. Harrell Reid 1989-Present
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